Coding in C# instead of VB.Net

Building the actual studio over it. Not sure what your case is, but I haven’t a version of UiPath Studio that wasn’t built on top of .Net 4.0 so far.

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A large number of developers want C# as their coding environment. It is not a question of whether they can code in VB as well or not. A large number of C# developers know C, F#, and some even know COBOL. That does not mean that those are the languages they want to use to code for UIPath Solutions. The choice is clear and it is C#.

UIPath should not be defensive about the current limitation and clearly state by when C# would be available as an option.


Microsoft Workflow Foundation is open source and hosted on Github. When UiPath forked an older version without C# support and don’t use the newest Microsoft version, then there is a chance that C# will be never available.

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I agree with this idea. It only takes a quick google search to find out that is a dying language. Nobody uses it. Having a platform built on a dead language doesn’t seem like a good idea, so Invoke code (and most of the rest of uipath) should be in c#. I also think powershell should be an option in invoke code since I find the invoke powershell activity inadequate for more complex script writing (I’m not interested in writing external scripts with external tools, UiPath should handle it so everything can live natively in my workflow)


“U’ll never walk alone!”

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19.1 when we’ll switch to .NET 4.6.


So Badita, can we expect the C# coding support option in 19.xx version?

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13 Likes is awful, the syntax is way too unnecessarily complex, and I can’t seem to find any useful tutorials or forums to learn.


Haha same here,
Its like every time I write the code in C# and use the converter ( to convert to VB.Net and use in UiPath.


Didnt know that existed, I love you!


C# expressions still don’t seem to be allowed in studio. Is there a setting to enable them? Or am I just not doing them correctly?

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I get Document is invalid doing that.


Me too getting the Document error,
If you have converted working files can you share?



Hi, please let me know if you guys were able to find a solution to using C# code directly by modifying the xaml file as stated above.

UiPath scores a perfect 10


(UiPath 2019.6 Beta is now available!)
Support for C# is now available for processes in Studio. This means that you can choose between C# and Visual Basic when creating a process, and use C# expressions in activities to build your project. (Currently experimental status)


It is experimental, so please provide feedback and report all the bugs :slight_smile:


we used to get into :slight_smile: even started loving it :smiley:


How to use C# in Invoke Code activity?
I’ve checked C# working in assign activity it’s working

But in invoke code I received error message.


The workflow has validation errors. Review and resolve them first.

No compiled code to run
error BC30081: ‘If’ must end with a matching ‘End If’. At line 1
error BC30205: End of statement expected. At line 1
error BC30037: Character is not valid. At line 2
error BC30035: Syntax error. At line 3

It’s actually only two places in project I want to use c#.

  1. Invoke code activity, and
  2. assign activity.
    Mostly for simplifying complex LINQ-query.

Hi @Uemoe

Welcome back! :slight_smile:

Could you show a screenshot with the snippet of code that you are trying to use in the Invoke Code activity?