Closing of rdp windows and browser

Hi Friends,
I intend to close the rdp windows and local browser end of my bot is any? But I’m facing the issue that to use the if and image exists activities whenever these is any one or both items are lunched (local browser and rdp windows). Please assist. Thank you.

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good post. I having the same problem and hope to know the solution too. Thank you.

Did you try to attach window and in output add a string window type then use close window with that string window type ?

And do that same to the local browser but with variables browser type

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I prefer to close the process “mstsc” with kill activity:

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Thank you for sharing.
I hv tried to attach windows/browsers and it has closed it intermittent. But problem is tht windows or browser may not exist in catches platform (in the try catch activity).

Thank you , I’m able to close the windows now . Do you have any idea how shall I pe

rform a check to skip all process if the attach window is not exist?

Thinking it may be early to find the process and kill it . But I having problem trying to know the process of rdp and google chrome. Any friends can help?

I made it :slight_smile: use killprocess “chrome” and “mstsc” . Thank you.