Close specific excel without all excel documents closed

Hi Guys,I met a very strange problem is that when I use kill process activity to close a specific excel doc without close all running excel docs when RPA running,but I failed,below is my process ,can someone guide me where is the problem and what should i do to solve it.thanks in advance.
two excel was running ,one name is “new doc.xlsx” and another is “test.xlsx”,when I running the process,both of the excel were closed. but I just only wanna close “new doc.xlsx”。

Hi @ting801215

Use ““close application activity”” and Indicate the excel you want to will close only the excel you want to close.

Sir thanks for your fast response ,but unfortunately,it’s still doesn’t work,when I open two excel file ,and run the “close application” activity after indicated one ,but both of them were closed.

Please try this steps ,

  1. Drag excel application scope (give the file path of the excel you want to close) and in property output create a variable of WorkbookApplication type.
  2. Drag close workbook activity inside the excel application scope and give the variable we created in the excel application scope.

thanks again,can u guide me what variable should write in property output area for workbook as snapshot,

and how to use it in close workbook activity because I did’not find any input can fill in

Please try running this without creating a variable and tell if it closing the workbook…

Just put close workbook inside Excel application scope and run

I have tested the workflow and and its closing only the workbook we needed to close,

It you cant find the input for close workbook activty then you dont have to create a variable and assign it.

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thanks so much ,after tried your solution,it’s works,thanks again~

Happy to hear that it helps😇

And you have to mark the solution on the correct conversation so that it can be help to others when they read the post.

sure,I ticked the solution at first time.

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