Class '' cannot be indexed because it has no default property

i am getting below error when trying to get a record from xls sheet
i am followig a tutorial

please provide the resultion to this

one more thing in tutorial while using ctrl+K is created Set Name but for me it is creating Set Var


welcome to uipath community
you were almost done
it should be like this
customersData.Rows(rowNumber)(“first name”).ToString

Cheers @gmishra15


thank you much
but why it was working fine in the tutorial
customersData(rowNumber)(“first name”).ToString?

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hm i hope it would have Rows in it
no worries
Can i have a screenshot of it if possible
Cheers @gmishra15

see he has not used .Row for the first Type into Input activity and there is no error for him

Hmm…this looks strange

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