Check string contains other string

Hi everyone, how can I check in an app that a string inserted in an input field is contained in another string?

I need this control to pass as a check for an “If”

You can check this way


Note : - but on image wise if condition you can do like this



Hi @simone.trenta

  1. Insert an input field in the Default Text - MainPage.User.Value


  1. Click on the events and Create the Rule
    i) Use Set Value action
    ii) If else action



This is how you can use for old app…for VB @Gokul001 has already provided


How can I use an asset instead of “FirstName”?


Just click any variable or value you want there…I have a firstname so used it


I meant an orchestrator asset, where can I find it to use on the “App Studio”?

Use this:

ourstringvariable.ToString.Contains(“your text to be found”)

I’m developing an App (by App Studio via orchestrator), not a process :slight_smile:


As of now you cannot directly get assets in apps…you need to call a process at start to read the assets and store them in app variables and use

better would be given them as values in app variables only instead


Unfortunately this solution doesn’t work :frowning:


What issue are you havign with this?

what did you try?