Check if sheet contains numeric cells


I’m still relatively new to UiPath Studio, but I’ve written an activity that iterates through all the worksheets in an Excel file. Based on this, an activity/function that can check whether a spreadsheet contains cells/columns with the number format would be helpful.

My attempt with isnumeric was unsuccessful because isnumeric completely ignores the format of cells.

I appreciate any help

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thank you for you answer.
I use this formula in my attempt that i described the formula ignores the format.

Hi @domi5599 ,

Could you maybe provide us with an Example Scenario or Data of how the IsNumeric method was unsuccessful.


here is my workflow and my excel file.
There are a lot of cells with numbers but in generic format they can be ignored.
The sheets with the yellow tab have the cells with the number format.

Main.xaml (18.1 KB)
Abgleich - Leverage_Ratio.xlsx (28.4 KB)

@domi5599 ,

According to the Logic you have used, You are checking whether any of the cells in a Sheet is having a Number format present (Which is true), hence it is renaming all of the sheets.

Do you have a particular column in a sheet to check if they are in the Number format ?


strange i thought that the actual workflow renames only the sheets with number format and not the sheets with numbers in generic format.

I don’t really want to have to specify a specific column because the effort for the multiple excel files would not be worth.


sorry for replying so late but i had some work to do.
For a solution it is also enough for me if you could help me to rebuild the workflow so that it only renames the sheets where at least one cell contains a dot and comma. For example sheet LR1 must be renamend because cell E18 contains dot and comma.
I can’t specify a specific column, but checking all non-blank cells should suffice


I create a new workflow with my conditions but the workflow find no rows with dot and comma in any sheet. When i switch to dot or comma then it renames all sheets. But the sheets LRCalc, LR1 and LR4.1 in the excel file have rows which contains cells with dot and comma. Why the if condition only works with or and not with and?
Main.xaml (15.6 KB)