Check if keyword exist in variable

Hi there,

Im looking for a way to check if a certain keyword exist in a variable.

For example
Keyword = ‘time’

Desired outcome:
Variable: ‘it’s time’ → Match
Variable: ‘is it time?’->Match
Variable: ‘timeout’ → No Match
Variable: ‘overtime’-> No Match
Variable: ‘time’ → Match

I started with Variable.Contains(Keyword) but with that, it matches everytime, also with ‘timeout’ for example.
I also tried adding two spaces before and after the keyword(’ time ') but in that case the second variable wont match because of the questionmark.

I was thinking of using regex, but Im having trouble finding the correct regex for that.

Thanks in advance,
Kind regards, Guus

give a try on


Thanks! That was very helpfull.

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