Check if Debug mode is running


Is there any way to now if the debug mode is running or not.

There is a VB expression which I used it, but it always returns false in buth Debug and Release modes
The expression is the following

Thank you

Hi @malak_s,
I’m not sure if I understand the question. Debug mode is running when you will open process in such. There no option like enable/disable. It only depends which option you will choose here:

Hi, thank you for your response. But what I mean is if it is possible to use an expression in if statement so for examle if the debug mode is running the robot will continue with the true part and if it is not in debug mode it will continue with the else part . I hope it is clear

I’m still not sure if we are talking about same debug.

Yes, same thing. I want to show for example in message box the debug mode option running now

Could you tell me what would be the use case to having this information in message box?
I’m just confused a little. If you will run process in debug you will know it as Studio layout will be different and each process by default is running slower than usual (to help with error catching).

I think I am working with a similar thing with you. You are willing to check if the developer is pressing debug or run? Isn’t it?

use screen scrapping to scrape the UiPath studio and continue on error in case you are missing the target. find the scrapping result.

This is my sample code and please let me know if it is.

Main.xaml (8.3 KB)

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The use case is the following. I have a flow that when run as debug must get it’s input from Inbox\dev folder and when run without debug must get the input from Inbox\client
The example below is from .NET

Public Class Form1

Private Sub Form1_Load(....)

#if DEBUG then
    <do something>
    <do something else>
#end if

End Sub

End Class

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