Check if an item is present or not in a dropdown on a website

I have to check if an item name is present in a dropdown which contains around 182 items.
i tried by Find Children but its taking long time.
can i do it by invoking a C# /Js Script/ VbScript file?
If yes please help how to do this.


Use Select Item Activity and pass required item you want to check in it. And also keep this Select Item Activity inside Try block. If item not present then it will throw exception and it will go to Catch section. That means item not present in that drop down list.

Hi Lakshman, I dont want to throw Bussiness exception .
Instead want to check if it is not present will have to set some status.


You need to throw any exception.

As you are selecting item from drop list right. It item present then it will select it else it will go to catch block and here you can provide what status you want to update it.


Can you please find attached xaml file which contains solution. Hope it works for you .

I have tried for two different drop down values, using GetFullText activity .

Please let me know.

Mark as Solution if it works.

Main.xaml (10.1 KB)