Check each row in datatable and write to another datatable

Hi all,
Everyday i got one input fileInput-01-Aug-2019.xlsx (10.1 KB) , which is having Empolyee code and In duration ( in hrs). Now i want to check every employee code in input file as well as output fileOutput.xlsx (11.2 KB) .if the empolyee code having Induration (in hrs) it will be write to the output file according to the employee code,if not the cell should be empty.
so according to the date and employee code the In_duration (In hrs) with be file in the output file.
This process should be done every day with different input file,but the output data should be in same output file for 30 days in month.
Hope you understand my requriment.
Thanks in advance

As per my understanding, the below steps will do the trick @Sharmila

  1. read and store the input file in a data table
  2. loop through all the rows and check the duration using a if condition
  3. If it matches, in the THEN condition, use write cell activity to write to the output activity or use build data table to add the rows
  4. Then write it back to the excel

Hi @HareeshMR, Thanks for quick reply.
yeah i followed ur steps,but can u please suggest how to give the condition in if activity.
It might helps to me

That is based on your requirement @Sharmila, can you explain the condition you want to filter?

If you have the column as hours (assumption) and you want to check if those hours are greater than 8, then it will be like this

if(row(“hours”).tostring > “8” )

By the way, you can use filter data table activity to get the required data from the input data table