ChatGPT + HealthiCure

ChatGPT + HealthiCure

Use Case Description

It’s a ChatGPT related use case when a person types a question about the issue they are facing related to health, they get a very precise and accurate answer with exact medication procedures to be followed and also the tablets to be taken for the same>



Other information about the use case

Industry categories for this use case: Customer Service, Healthcare Pharma, Information Technology and Services, Marketing Sales

Skill level required: Intermediate

UiPath Products that were used: UiPath Studio, UiPath AI Center, UiPath Document Understanding, UiPath Insights, UiPath StudioX, UiPath Test Suite, UiPath Task Mining

Other applications that were used: EXCEL

Other resources: Youtube, Google

What is the top ROI driver for this use case?: Improve customer experience

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