Changing the headers in a Datatable that wont have spaces

Hi everyone
I have a process that does a “read range”, and then takes it and does “Bulk Add Queue Items” and insert them to my queue.
Now when I will want to take the Info from the queue and for some reason they will change the headers (add a space before or after it will crash and won’t know what to do), so how do I do a “trim” before the adding part?

for example, I’m getting this header "model code ", and I don’t know that there is a space at the end (or someplace else) and when I’ll get this transaction it won’t take it properly!
this is my process:

@dlichtenstadt You can use a For Each Loop to loop through the Column Names of the Datatable and Trim the names before the If Condition, so that you can use the Proper Name while retrieving it.

how do I do this?
if I don’t know the names of the columns, can u show me?

@dlichtenstadt Check this Workflow, Please Don’t mind the Workflow name :sweat_smile: :
Remove Unused Variables.xaml (6.3 KB)


LOL couldn’t stop laughing…
thank u very much it worked!!

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