Change the attachment name for final mail alone

Trying to change the attachment file name for the final mail alone iam getting the same name as exception mail in final mail screenshot also.only for exception i need to use the name exception screenshot and for final mail i need to use the name final screenshot

Iam getting the file path through a variable and invoking the same xaml in final mail xaml also .
How to change the final attachment file name alone

Hey @gowtham_tamil


Are you using Re-Framework here ? or is it just a loop of emails ?

The above will help us decide on how to find the last email item.


Hi @Nithinkrishna

Its RE framework for performer.

So you are sending mail after each transaction right ?


Yes for each success transaction iam sending a mail

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Hey @gowtham_tamil

Whenever you start the process, just do the following in the initialization & fetch the ID of last queue item to compare,

  1. Get Queue Items with Top as 1 & Status Filter as New

  2. Take the first item from the result of point 1

  3. Whenever you send email after a success transaction you need to compare the ID of the current transaction & the one we fetched from point 1 and 2

Ref - (2.1 KB)

Hope this helps.