Change postpone date of multiple queue items

Hi Community,

I have thousands of queue items pendng with postpone date set to future date value.

I need to offset all of them couple of days earlier earlier than planned. What would be the easiest and most elegant way to do it?

Since the items are postponed I cannot use get transaction item and use postpone queue item activity on them because none of them will be fetched.

It’s also not possible to use get queue items activity and use postpone transaction item on fetched items - it throws an error - transaction must be in progress.

I don’t want to delete and recreate all of those items because the queue would be a mess.

Is there any other reasonable option? It is possible to edit postpone date in Orchestrator but it does not make sense against thousands of items.

Hi @Sparrow

If you use the Orchestrator REST API’s to achieve this.

  1. Get All the Queue Items

2)Look through each Queue Item returned in the results from Step1

  1. For each queue item use the following Rest API call
    Set the DeferDate field to the new value

The below ticket provides some more context around the approach.


Thanks, that worked!

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