Change Format from date to general


I have selected a particular range in excel which is dynamic. After applying the formula to it is automatically getting converted to date format. I want to change it to general format without using hotkeys. i have already tried using hotkeys it works only when the excel workbook is visible. Someone please provide an alternate solution.

Thank you.

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hi @Jagadesh2494

Use int var=cint(row(“DtNec” ).ToString)

ashwin S


Could you please share the workflow?

hi @Jagadesh2494

Main.xaml (7.3 KB)


@shwin S


Am getting the below error. when i run that code

May I know what is that formula
Cheers @Jagadesh2494

Hello @Jagadesh2494 you also try below VBScript
use Invoke VBScript activity
you can change the file name and column range according to your needs…

Make sure to change file extension to .vbs after downloading…
ChangeFormat.json (826 Bytes)


Note : I applied this formula in cell K2 using write cell activity

Sorry i couldn’t open the file even after changing it to.vbs. Could you please share the work flow

Hi guys,

I got the solution. thanks for your input friends :slight_smile:

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Cheers @Jagadesh2494

That’s great… :+1::+1:
if possible can you tell us your solution

I used this code in the invoke VBA method.


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