Change decimal point to ,

In my language we use , instead of . for decimal seperation. How can I change double format to display , when I export it in word? The data is in tabele amd I neet to export the whole table into Word.

Change double to string and then use .Replace function which will change (.) to (,)

Is there any option to do this without changing to string?

HI @tomaz

  1. Approach
YourInput.Replace (".", ",")
  1. Another approach
Convert.ToDecimal (YourInput)
  1. Another approach
YourInput.ToString ("N2", new CultureInfo ("fr-FR"))



Another approach:



It might be better to change “ES-es” to your country’s locale string.


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There is two method only
one is .Replace function and second is regex.
without these i don’t think so their is another solution