Capturing image on screen Activities have a visual bug

So, basically since the new UI update to the studio (think its version 2021.4.0 from studio pro) i have been getting these strange visual bugs lately whenever i try to use an image capture activity (for example On Image Appear), ill show a few attachments as examples. As anyone been having these lately too?
Thanks in advance!
PS: Sorry if some of the images have bad quality


Hi @Rafael_Barroso

Could you confirm the version of the UIAutomation package you are using in your project?
Does the same happens on the fresh project with all packages updated to their latest preview versions?

Hi @loginerror thank you for your answer!
Unfortunately the problem still persists whether i use previous package versions or the latest preview ones on new projects, perhaps its the uipath studio itself? i might try to reinstall it and see if that’s the case

Hey @Rafael_Barroso
Thanks for reporting the issue.
Will be fixed in the next UIAutomation 21.4 package


Hi @Ion_Miron, no problem! Thanks for clarifying this issue :slight_smile: