Capture Screenshot of Task Manager

I need to capture a screenshot of the Task Manager of all the task running at the time of an execution of an activity, but end up with the following error while attaching the window of the task manager,
When i try to run as Administrator the robot doesn’t execute the desired result and gives a timeout error.

When using get Active Window and just maximizing the Task Manager it executes the activity without giving any errors with no effect to the Task Manager window. Compared to maximizing the size of the Notepad Window if it is currently the active.

Here is my workflow.

Main.xaml (4.5 KB)

Hi @Hassaan

Use Take Screenshot activity


For that it gives same error as shown in the image above, As i have to point the element i have to take screenshot of.

Hi use this based on uielement property


Take the selector and pass it


I’ve tried it but it isn’t working,

Main.xaml (4.1 KB)