Capture Error code from Activities?

I am trying to build a vb code in invoke code activity , while acheieving the same i am getting a long error to be resolved and how to get that error copied ?? so that i can search for rsults

Hi @vikram6723

Your query is confusing could you be more specific…?

Hi @vikram6723 ,

Can u just explain in detail about ur issue with some sample data ??


Hi @sandyarpa767 , @mkankatala

attached is image and how to get that error copied ??

Hi @vikram6723 ,

I have took a sample assign to replicate a similar challenge u are facing .

u need to click on validate file to get the info displayed in error list

refer the image below


Okay @vikram6723

Click on the Invoke code activity and open the properties panel it will show in the error with Red Mark at the top, From there you can easily copy the error you are facing in any activity. Click the Copy option to copy to your clipboard.

Check the below image for better understanding,

Hope it helps!!

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Thanks @mkankatala & @sandyarpa767 both the solutions has worked . to get multiple errors i think we can go with validate file and single error on property panel .
my bad i missed the small detailing


I hope you find the solution for your query, make post mark as solution to close the loop… @vikram6723

Happy Automation!!

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Yes, if you want to identify the error for a specific activity, you can check the error in the activity’s properties panel itself. @vikram6723

If you want to see all the errors in the project, you can follow @sandyarpa767’s approach.

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