Can't use Cloud Orchestrator - Redirected Login

Hello everybody.
I can’t use Cloud Orchestrator because it redirects me forever in a loop and nothing opens.

I’ve cleaned cache from all browsers and it doesn1t work for all of them.

Anyone else had this issue

Please anyone ?

Look what’s happening.


For now, can you try other browser such as Edge or Firefox, or secret window of Chrome?


:frowning: ello.
I’ve tried already. Even tried wth Vivaldi. Not working so far :frowning:

Please anyone.
I’ve tried with several other login methods like microsoft, linkedin, etc.
Nothing’s working. Deleted my workspace, tentant, etc etc. Like cleaning full profile and nothing happens. Even trying with a new fresh profile.
I need to complete some tasks and I’m stuck at it.

Luiz Sennos

Windows Update resolved the issue.
if anyone has this trouble in the future.

Feature update to Windows 10, version 22H2 installation fixed it.



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