Can't start practical exam

When at the practical exam I click on the start button, nothing happens, and the console gives an error of 500. I’ve tried to clear my cache and cookies from my browser’s history and nothing changed has been created.

Have you tried some other browser? @Arybin

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Yah but the window looks fine
Once we click on Start button it will let us go for the exam
Or kindly try once with the IE browser

Cheers @Arybin

Yeah, i’m trying.
And from other PC’s

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No chance to test that for us @Arybin

Can you try now and check if that is working? May be some maintenance is going on or server is down.

@Pablito, can you confirm on this please?

No, it’s not working now

hey @Arybin, did you ever find a solution to this issue?, i need help with it, please.

Is this issue still there? Kindly confirm please