Can't publish project to orchestrator (Invalid Package Details)

Hi @ppr @loginerror @Yoichi

I have project which I need to publish to the orchestrator but it’s not allowing me to do so, it’s giving the following Error :


Studio Version - 22.4.5
Orchestrator Version - 20.10.5
Project Type - C#, Windows

Error Log :
Error.txt (4.3 KB)

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is this issue only for the specific process or for all the process ?
Can you publish package to local and then upload to orchestrator and see if that works?

have a look here:

and also crossheck for the side notes 8,9

we assume that windows and not Legacy was meant

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Check the arguments and variables, see if any connections are missing


Save the code again & then try to kill the UiPath Studio from taskmanager then relaunch the UiPath studio. Then try to publish the code it will work


Hi @Ishan_Shelke ,

Check that the studio has connected with licence or not?
If connect check the status is green Color or not?
If it having red Color go and update your user name along with password.
Let me know if it’s works or not
Pavan Kumar

Thanks for the information man, I now know that windows type projects are not allowed to upload on orchestrator 2021 or before. Thank you everone for your time and views

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