Can't log in to ( and (

Hello Good People!

I just re-installed windows 10 on my machine and now I can’t log into or

The login page gets redirected to sign-up and hangs with a blank screen.

Installing UiPath is also throwing an identity token error:

I have tried looking for solutions but nothing comes even close. Kindly assist me to solve this.

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Hi Kevin,

Having same problem here. Have you found the solution?

Hi Kevin. Have you tried changing the URL to either your own instance of UiPath Cloud platform (<instance>/) or your Orchestrator tenant (<instance>/<tenant>/)?

Hello @RockSolid

I have the same issue; I tried both solitions you offered. Neither works.

Finally, I got the solution. Wrong system time affects Windows’ Single Sign On capabilities. After updating time zone, I managed to sign in to the tenants successfully.

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