Can't invoke SAP Script, possible to turn off Strict?

Hi, I am new here.

I am trying to invoke SAP Script from uipath, but for that it seems I need the late binding. As I understand the Strict option is ON and that does not allow late binding. Is there any way to turn off the Strict?

Dim SAPGUI As Object = GetObject("SAPGUI")
Dim SAPApp As Object = SAPGUI.GetScriptingEngine

The code fails at second line where it is atempting to get the Scripting Engine. I don’t have any reference files, so I don’t see another way than late binding. The SAPGUI.GetScriptingEngine is of GuiApplication type as far as I know.



I was facing the same problem while working with SAP Scripting through Uipath. My solution was create a Custom Activity with the Option Strict Off and then installed on Uipath. Now it’s running without problems :smiley:



Super! Thanks for information, I will try the same approach. Activities are created in Visual Studio, right? :smiley:

Yes! Check it out this Category here on the Forum for reference:


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Why do you need to invoke sap scripts? UiPath already supports SAP if GUI scripting is enabled.
Is there any functionality that is missing from UiPath?

I think you don’t need to create a custom activity for this. You can put the script in a vbs file and launch it with “Start Process” activity.


Hi adrian,

I am using the SAP Scripting to get data from large SAP tables. I am new to UiPath, but it seems, that the table is not seen as table, or I don’t know how exactly to extract it as a whole (it is label table, not the typical grid view).

I just have some old VB/SAP Script codes that reads these tables fast and easy, I was just wondering if I can use it here.

Thanks for the idea, but .vbs file would not be able to output the table, right?


The vbs can output its result in a temporary file.
We have support for extracting the whole tables/grids in SAP. Check “Data Scraping” wizard in UiPath Studio toolbar.


Ok, but still it would be nice to get it directly, other automation softs support this.

Data Scraping wizard cannot read these speacial tables, says that “…control does not support data extraction…” or something like that. You can only get text from one cell, not the table whole.

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Can you show a screen shot with the table?
What is the SAP form / application? Usually they have an id.


Sorry, I cannot share screens. It contains confidential data. But I think similar table can be found under System → Own Jobs (if you have access to SAP system).

In those tables the cells have an ID, but the ID is changing all the time, because of different lengths of columns.
For example sometimes the ID can end with “lbl[10,20]” meaning cell at index 10 in row with index 20. But next time you load this table first column can contain extra character, so required cell would change the ID to “lbl[11,20]”. As far as I can see, these shifting tables can be pain in the ass to read, but it is quite easy with script.

I am not yet proficient with UiPath, so if I am missing something or doing something wrong, please let me know.


I`ve been searching for this too. It sounds great that you are able to execute SAP GUI Scripts inside UIPath.

I have tried to include the SAPFEWSELib.dll , but with no success.

It would be very cool if you could share your solution :+1:

Grretz Sebastian


you can also invoke VBScripts with Powershell.
Invoke Powershell Script - “& cscript mySapScript.vbs” if wanted you can add arguments in the end “$argument1”


Hi Topi,

thanks for reply. We know and already done this with UIPath :grinning:

But we dont want to use external VBS Files.


hi if possible can u share how it can be done

Hi to all :slight_smile:

I have the same problem.
I also want to execute SAP Gui Scriptings inside UIPath (not just executing som VBS Files) cause it would make some things much easier and stable.

For example you would be able to access GuiShell - GuiGridview Tables instead of using OCR Techniques.

It would be really really great if somebody could share a solution! :slight_smile:

Thanks and Greetz Berhnard

if someone has got the approach do share with us. I am also looking for a similar solution. is invoke cod or powershell is suitable

can you share me a sample code for the same. i am also looking for an approach to invoke vbscript file from UIpath

Hi @Lucas.Pimenta

I am also facing the same problem with UiPath 2018, is it possible to share the custom component that you have created please.