Can't get robot list while start job in community orchestrator


I am trying to schedule bot in orchestrator community but not getting a robot list in specific robots.

The same problem I am facing while create a job. Please help me to solve this.

I have added a robot in the environment created.



@sayali_chincholikar If the Robot type is not unattended, Change it to Unattended and Check if you are able to get the Robot while creating the job.

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so it is applicable to only unattended robot @supermanPunch?

@sayali_chincholikar Yes. You can find more about Orchestrator Jobs in this link :

Thanks for your solution it is working for me. But when I am scheduled the simple bot it is not running

@sayali_chincholikar Can you give more details as to Why it is not running ? or What are you actually trying to do ?

My code is write simple text in notepad. When I am scheduled it it is went to the Faulted state at a schedule time.

When I am trying to start job manually it is again going to Faulted state. Please help me. @supermanPunch

Can you please tell me which password I need to give in unattended bot?

@sayali_chincholikar You need to provide the machine password that you are using.

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