Can't find project when creating a test set


i created a simple test sequence in the Studio, i can run it from there. THen i published to Orhestrator.

However when i try to create a test set, the project is not available …so i can’t create the test set.

Can you please advise what i could be missing?

Thanks and best regards

any updates on above? I am facing same issue.

Create process for published package.

Any update on the above issue? I was stuck in the same situation.
I did create the process for published package,stil i’m not able to see the projects

Hi ,

You have to make sure to do the following steps
→ Make sure the machine& Robot Account is Added to the Folder
→ Right Click on all the Test Cases Xaml Select as Publishable Test Case option
→ Click on Publish Test Cases
->Then Add Test Sets , you will get all the Test Cases of the project listed under the project