Cannot start UiPath Studio

Is it possible to start Studio when it cannot connect to Orchestator?

Hi @Li_Eric

Yes, it is possible to start UiPath Studio even when it cannot connect to UiPath Orchestrator. UiPath Studio can be used in standalone mode, allowing you to develop and execute automation projects locally on your machine without requiring a connection to Orchestrator.


@Nitya1 Thank you for your rapid reply. Could you instruct how to start Studio without connecting to Orchestrator? I just modified a project 2 hours ago and try to publish it, but it suddenly lost connection.

Hi @Li_Eric

Check this-

  1. Open UiPath Studio on your machine.
  2. On the sign-in screen, click on the “Back” button or close the sign-in window.
  3. UiPath Studio will open in offline mode, allowing you to work on your projects locally without connecting to Orchestrator.

In offline mode, you can continue working on your project, make modifications, and publish it locally without the need for an active connection to Orchestrator. This mode is useful when you encounter connectivity issues or when you want to work on projects independently.

Remember, while working in offline mode, you won’t have access to the features and functionalities provided by Orchestrator,


may I know which version are you using?

as I know the offline mode is not available in version 22.10.x or greater.

please see here

Hi @irahmat , I’m using the latest version. As per the post you provided, this problem was solved by reinstalling an old version. Is there any other solution?