Cannot Reset Element Exists Variable in For Each activity

I am running a ForEach activity to run some reports listed in an Excel file. I have the Element Exists set due to some reports may not have any data and it will present a message when it tries to run. If the message appears I have IF logic to bypass running the report and move on to the next one. However, when it starts over the Element Exists value stays =True and does not default back to False. This causes all the reports to not run because the variable value stays =True. The variable is not global and is in the scope of the sequence that the ForEach activity runs. Any advice would be appreaciated.

At the bottom of the for each loop, do you assign the boolean to false?

No , i thought it would reset to False. I will try that.

If at the top of the for each it should try again to search for the element and set the boolean, but resetting variables is a good habit