Cannot recognize any UI elements in a WPF application

Cannot recognize any UI elements in a WPF application, UiPath can only find the container window. Tried all UI frameworks (Default, AA, UIA). Is WPF not supported? If not, is it on the roadmap?

I could use regions or computer vision, however I would prefer to use native UI element recognition.

Hi @Edouard_Van_Belle_RSVZ-IN is it your Citrix application?

Hi @Edouard_Van_Belle_RSVZ-IN

You mean WPS application?
image or the below one

If yes why are you indicating? can you elaborate your task?


Hello @Edouard_Van_Belle_RSVZ-IN

Is it working for other applications and facing issues only with WPF?

Did you try with Computer vision?



Thanks for your answers.

For clarity: it is an application build in WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) and not in Citrix.
Yes, UI elements of other apps can be recognized, so no general issue here.
Yes, computer vision works, but slower.

So, are apps in WPF natively supported by UiPath?