Cannot fetch email received date from the latest emails

Hi Team ,

I am not able to fetch the date from the latest emails which is being received but I am able to fetch the date from yesterdays emails.As you can see todays emails only have time in it and not days mentioned(circled ones)

I tried following all methods -

It is working for all the other mails apart from today’s emails.(the first 2 circled ones which you can see there is only time displayed)

I know the dates and time are there for each email after opening it completely.

I am getting blank values as you can see above.

How do I fetch the date for the first 2 emails?

I am getting correct values for all the emails apart from today’s(the latest ones)


Hello @gokul1904 Assign item.Headers(“Date”) to a string variable. Check this variable is empty or no. If it is empty then consider it as Today’s date, else anyway it is retrieving the date

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Please Update Your mail package to latest one.
Then Iterate loop and use item.headers(“Date”)

But I want to extract the mail received date as well as time

It is not working for the current date only

I just had the same problem and to solve it I had to downgrade the UiPath.Mail.Activities to 1.12.3 version. Now it is working as before.
please try this one.

This works! Thanks