Cannot Delete Undeployed ML Package in AI Center

I need to delete the ML package with ‘Undeployed’ status in the AI center.
But after click on the ‘Delete Undeployed Versions’ button (success notification already appears), I found that the package is still there even after I refresh the page or click on refresh button on the package table.
Currently, there is no ML Skill or Pipelines that connected to that ML Package

Any idea related to this? Thank you.

Hey, Can I ask for your assistance?

Yes please

any update related to the request? currently, the ML package still can’t be deleted.

Hi @tibyan.ralibi
What do you see if you click on the ML Package from the grid? Do you see any version there? Can you try removing version one by one?

I only see one version of the ML Package and when I tried to delete that, it show the below notification

I have checked on pipelines and found there is no pipeline that uses the package.

Could you please open a support ticket, we’ll check from backend and clean it.