Cannot Access A Closed Pipe

Studio issue "Cannot access a closed pipe"?

In most of the cases, it is identified that Dynatrace agents are monitoring the UiPath Processes.

When doing one of these below items, the closed pipe issue is getting fixed.

  1. Disable the Dynatrace on their machine
  2. Exclude UiPath processes (Studio.exe,Project.exe…) in the Dynatrace

Currently observed this behavior only with Dynatrace. But it could/may happen with any instrumentation software similar to Dynatrace.

The below steps need to be done by the customer's local IT/Security/Monitoring team and not by UiPath.

How to Whitelist the UiPath Processes from Dynatrace?

  1. Log into Dynatrace Dashboard
  2. Navigate to Settings > Process and Containers > Custom process monitoring rules
  3. Add a custom rule with a condition
  4. Do not monitor => Exe Name =Begins with =>UiPath (like the image below)
  5. Save the custom Rule.
  6. Kill the existing UiPath processes on the machine (Or Restart the machine).
  7. The newly launched UiPath processes will not exhibit the “Closed Pipe” Issue.

In case the customer is not using Dynatrace, proceed to troubleshoot the case as usual by collecting relevant logs (Event Viewer, Studio logs), etc.