Can we use JavaScript code with Node.js in UiPath studio

Hi All - We are looking to use JavaScript with Node.js for coding steps in our process.
Wanted to check if there is a custom package/activity for invoking JavaScript code in UiPath studio.
We want to return a value as Output from the code step & store it into a variable for further use (similar to standard Invoice Code step).

P.S: We have tried custom package: How to Use Node.js with JavaScript in Combination with UiPath - #3 by StefanSchnell , but this activity is unable to return an output in a variable.

Any pointers or help would be appreciated.
Anuj Dua

had you checked:

Maybe for non string datatype returns an usage of a serialized JSON willl serve

Hi Peter - We have tried assigning the return value of code step to the ‘Output’ section you suggested.
But value of variable defined in this ‘Output’ section remains Blank (for String & other types).

There is no way to define direction of arguments i.e. Incoming or Outgoing in this activity (like we have in standard ‘InvokeCode’ activity).

here we would also see the following:

The output is performed using the log method of the console class . This prints to stdout and is captured by the activity.

However lets ping @StefanSchnell and get help from him

Yes Peter, we have checked that this activity is producing output as Log method of Console class.
So, it will always print the output on console instead of storing it in a variable.

I have sent a message to Stefan for his views.