Can we use a Queue with Action Center?

Hi everyone, I was wondering if the following scenario is possible or not:

I have 5 Queue Item containing the file path to Invoice documents. A performer will consume the first queue item, extract information from the Invoice document then create a new Document Validation Task in Action Center. The bot will then wait for that task to be completed on Action Center by a user.

So my question is that is there a way to process the next queue item within the same process while waiting for the task to be completed on Action Center? I know the process will be suspended once it hit the wait activity but is there a work around this?

@nguyenvt13, hoping i understood you correctly.

My Suggestions is, you can build your performer using the Orchestration Process template instead of the REFramework. because it is built for the kind of situation you are discribing it comes with the UiPath.Persistance.Activities.


My answer is yes this is possible, you can use the Parallel activity this allows for your sequences or processes to run concurrently.

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Hi Senzo,

Thank you for replying. What would be a good way to implement the Parallel activity? I’ve tried adding the parallel activity the process is still suspended at the wait activity

You could always do ‘wait and resume’ activities in a separate parallel for each than the same ‘for each’ where you ‘create action’ as it will suspend workflow in every iteration which might not be useful. Create all tasks/actions , add TaskObject to a list and then later do ‘wait and resume’ in a parallel for each for all items in TaskObject list so that you process all the items that doesn’t require validation or human actions and workflow is suspended only for the list of items that requires human action.

Hey, But after extraction of results…queue items for all documents are not created. Since, we need to keep Wait for Validation activity outside the Parallel for each loop…adding queue item is also outside the loop. How to create for example 4 queues for 4 invoices?

may be I am missing lot of context, however you could perform all the steps required (or possible) before waiting for actions. In summary, keep processing all the “good” data to its completion , keep creating actions as and when you find anomalies (and add those action objects to a list/collection) so that you could process those “bad” data based on action from the user in a parallel for each.