Can we perform Joins and filters on multiple datatables (more than 2)?

I have to read data from multiple sources and then have to perform some inner joins and take out final result.

I am planning to read data from Source1 and store in DataTable1
similar, from Source2 to DataTable2 and so on.

I have to perform some inner joins and apply some conditions to get the final result.
Can we do it?

In ‘Join DataTable’, we can perform an action on only 2 tables.

If you want to use activities, then you should use join every 2 datatables, until you are done, or you can use linq expressions to do them all in one like this:

Dim joinedResult = _
            From p In PERSON.AsEnumerable() _
            Join g In GENDER.AsEnumerable() _
            On g.Field(Of string)("gender_code") Equals p.Field(Of string)("gender_code") _
            Join e In ETHNICITY.AsEnumerable() _
            On e.Field(Of STRING)("ethnic_code") Equals p.Field(Of string)("ethnic_code") _
            Select _
            id = p.Field(Of String)("person_id"), _
            name = p.Field(Of String)("name"), _
            gender = g.Field(Of String)("gender_description"), _
            ethnicity = e.Field(Of String)("ethnic_description")

Thank you @bcorrea. I will try it and let you know.

In the above script, ‘joinedResult’ is a list or data table variable?
I don’t have coding background so trying to understand how Linq works here in uipath.
I am trying to get the result into DataTable.
Could you please guide me, What is right place/website/reference to learn these coding concepts which commonly required in UiPath development, such as above Linq?