Can we identify Color or image color using Uipath?

Want to know if we can identify color of image using uipath

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Hello @anair25

Yes we can do that. I had this same requirement where I wanted to identify the colors of a rating using the stars of different color to calculate the rating given. I used the below component to capture the color of the ui element. It gives the name of the color. Based on that you can perform the remaining tasks…

It uses the screen location of the ui elements. So use the get attributes activity to capture the location of the element which you want to check thr color of. The pass the screen coordinates you extracted to the activity of this component.

Hope it helps…


Can you explain in details how to translate in color map value into color

Hi @anair25,

yes, you can Identify color of the image by using color detector activities

First you install color detector activities from manage pakage and in that we have( color from image activity and color from screen ) by using that we can find the image color



Get_color is a variable of the get position

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How to use color from image ?

sorry i didn’t get you what is your question

There Are 2 activities inside " color detector"
1 color from screen
2 color form image

Both are similarly same only