Can we execute 2 different mobile processes at the same time

Hey, I have 2 different Mobile Automation flows and I want to execute them separately but at the same time but it gives me an error that already process is running in the foreground. Is there any way I can perform 2 different flows simultaneously? I am using UiPath Studio

It should be possible by using the Parallel activity.


i want to automate 3 cases in different devices in Mobile automation ? is it possible to automate in mobile automation.?

I am also interested in finding out how to do this. Would we need separate instances of appium running or are they all being managed inside 1 session? hmmm :thinking:

Are you using Appium? And you want to execute the same flow on 3 different devices?

Yes you have to create separate instance if you want to execute on multiple devices. If you’re invoking another workflow then you can pass the previous connection to the invoked one no need to create a separate instance of an Appium in that case.