Can we check any variable value starts with a character

Hi all,

Is there any way to check the variable value starts with any character other than numeric value.

Variblename.startswith any character(UR0121234243) this is I required

Thanks in advance.

Keep in if else activity


Where strVar is a string variable
It will work
It will give true or false

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ok will try and update u. Thanks

Hello @saritha

You can try as below or you can use isMatches activity and put the regex in it.

Regex.Ismatch(“your strig”, “[1]+”)

  1. a-zA-Z ↩︎

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That helped Raunak. thanks a lot
I tried like this
In If condition
(if varible name.IsNumeric)

Thanks again and have a great day.

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Thanks Rahul, I will try it out…

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