Can run multiple lines of query in uipath 'excute query activity'?

Is there no choice but to add multiple 'excute query capacities?

Hi @S_Sim
The expectation from Execute Query is that it will return a result, which can be tricky to manage if one instance of the activity allowed multiple queries.

There are a couple of options to handle this.

  1. You may either add multiple activities with one query each, or
  2. Write a stored proc or function to do complex stuff on the database side and call the SP or function from UiPath.
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thank you ash

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Hi @S_Sim,

If you decide to use the 2nd method suggested by @RPAForEveryone, then you can refer to solutions in this thread SQL Stored procedure Passing Parameters To fetch particular records to execute your Stored-Procedure via UiPath and get the DataTable from th Database.


Thanks so much

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