Can not Reply Outlook Message - On behalf of -

I can not find on behalf of option in reply outlook message so is there is any work around / way to reply messages on behalf of.


The option of mentioning the on behalf name is not with Reply with outlook mail
But still if it’s fine for you, we can try with SEND OUTLOOK MAIL ACTIVITY

  • SentOnBehalfOfName - The display name of the sender of the mail message. This field supports only strings and String variables.

Cheers @mahmoud.zaky

thanks for your reply i know it is in Send outlook activity but i need to reply on mail not sending new one

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Well unfortunately it’s not there for now
Hope will come in future release

And if it’s really needed we can try with UI interaction in outlook application

Cheers @mahmoud.zaky

Thanks a lot for your support and i will request feature for it. :heart:

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