Can I work with application just with it's DLL?


I’ve an application called WinSCP. I’ve placed it’s DLL in UiPath project folder. I’m wrote a powershell script to upload a file to WinSCP datastore using it’s DLL. I’m invoking this script from UiPath. It’s working fine.

As I’m interacting with application’s DLL, I’m thinking what is the need of application on my robot machine. If I uninstall application and run the script, will it work?

I’m not sure how DLLs work. Does a DLL interact with any application files or can I uninstall application and just use DLL (and write scripts to perform the tasks using DLL)?

Thanks in advance.

DLL are the linked libraries which helps in execution of the application. In a way DLL supports the application to run. DLL on itself is of no use. Uninstalling the application and just using the DLL wont work and yield any result.

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Thank you @sshubham.agrawal93 for the explanation.

Can you suggest me where to learn more about DLLs?

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Welcome :slight_smile:
Below link could be more technical. It tells you from the basics of DLL and how to create and use it in your code. See if you find it useful.

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ok. I’ll refer it. Thank you