Can I use Excel activities to manipulate files on SharePoint?


I have synchronised SharePoint with my computer using OneDrive. I need to perform some actions in Excel files and since I have never done it, I need to know what are the activities I need to use for such actions.

Can I use normal Excel activities to perform such actions? We want the robot to perform such tasks in parallel with the tasks agents manually do with such files (we need that the actions performed by the robot will be automatically synchronised)

Please could you help me on understanding this?

I want to edit the topic:

I have just got it using Excel activities. However, if I open the file on SharePoint in my browser and then I execute the robot to write content in some cells, a duplicated file is created in the same path as the original file…

I need the robot to do the actions and save them in the same file…

When I close the file in the browser and then i execute the robot, then it does not create a file duplicated and then it is saved in the original file…

Please could you help me?

The Excel activities are used for Excel files saved to the hard drive. They are not meant to be used for browser activities in Sharepoint. depending on the level of complexity of your process, you have 2 options:

1.) Automate the process entirely in the browser and save in Sharepoint, or
2.) Save the file from Sharepoint, use Excel activities to manipulate the data, save the file, then open the browser and upload the new file.


From my understanding the first option is not a solution.

I have mapped the sharepoint in my local drive and i can use excel activities to write/read the content of such an excel file. However, when someone has opened the file in the browser and i write some content with the robot then the original file is duplicated…

Hi @EngAnalyst,

I hope you are doing well. Have you tried the SharePoint Activities? You will be able to download the file and upload the file and many other things. What I’m thinking is that you can download the file from there and then do something. Take a look at it and give it a try. :smiley:

I will leave the link right here


Thank you so much for your reply. It is not a solution since agents must do tasks in the same file (other sheets) simultaneously. If i download the file and perform actions and then i upload it again, then the changes made by the agents will be overwritten.


@EngAnalyst do you have any solution for this ?