Can I pass Parameters in Execute macro Activity If Yes then how. Please help




I am using a Execute macro activity in uipath studio but without passing parameter it is working fine and call a macro performing operation as desired.
Although when i am passing parameters in it and updates in excel macro as arguments it is getting me ERROR Like

Execute macro : Cannot run the macro ‘Chat_Message(“C:\Users\a0734941\Documents\Kuldip sir\Quick chat rebuilt”,“AllianceRx Service Connect Client Specific Business Requirements (HR BPO).xlsm”)’. The macro may not be available in this workbook or all macros may be disabled.

In case of parameters am i getting an error.

Ankit Gupta


Hi @ankitg,

May these help you.




There is a “hack” that can do it but I’ve found it unreliable. The most reliable way for me is the robot writing the parameter into a config file and then having the macro read the config file at the start of execution.