Can I identify first 'Tue' of this month?


I’d like to find below value but I haven’t been found this value before.
Could I have some helps for finding below ‘day’ value?

  1. First ‘Tue’ day of every current month
    For example, 6th of April

At the end I’d like to use above value for identifying today is first ‘Tue’ day of this month or not using ‘IF’ condition

  1. How to set the script for last month with MMdd format?
  • DateTime.Now.ToString(“yyyy-MM”)
    If this month is 2021-04 than I need to find 2021-03

Thank you always ~!!

Hi @Dorothy_lee

  1. For checking if its first Tuesday i would have use condition like this,

Cint(Now.tostring(“dd”)) <= 7 and now.tostring(“MMM”).toupper = “TUE”


now.addmonths(-1).tostring (“MMdd”)