Can I copy cell which only contains data?

Hello, all

I’d like to copy cell data only which has value to other excel file. Is it possible?
[For example]

  1. Copy to clipboard
  2. Paste to another excel file (Ignore ‘Null’ or ‘Empty’ field)
    Another excel file already has column name as default(In and Out) So, only A2 and B2 need to be copied.

And Second Q is I need to repeat this action several time with another excel file.
Can I paste the new value from the next cell which has value?

Thank you always !!!

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Hey @Dorothy_lee

Yes, that’s possible.

  1. Read column from source excel

  2. Read column from destination excel and manipulate the range

  3. Convert data from point 1 into a data table and then write range with the manipulated range value from point 2

Hope this helps.



First you need to use read range activity to read excel file and set output variable in read range activity.

After you need to use for each row activity in which you paas your data table variable and use conditions like


And store data in add data row activity

And write data using write range activity in excel.

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