Can anyone tell me what is this doing? Out_ClientID = ClientInformation.Substring(ClientInformation.IndexOf("ClientID: ") + "Client ID: ".Length).Split(Environment.NewLine.ToCharArray)(0)

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Can anyone tell me what is this doing, i know until Substring

Out_ClientID = ClientInformation.Substring(ClientInformation.IndexOf("ClientID: ") + "Client ID: ".Length).Split(Environment.NewLine.ToCharArray)(0)


Hello @Jai_Pande,

I searched your question in ChatGPT.

Kindly check the following content.

  1. ClientInformation is a string variable that contains some text information.
  2. ClientInformation.IndexOf("ClientID: ") finds the index of the substring "ClientID: " within the ClientInformation string.
  3. "Client ID: ".Length retrieves the length of the string "Client ID: ". This length is added to the index found in step 2, effectively positioning the starting point just after "Client ID: " within the original string.
  4. .Split(Environment.NewLine.ToCharArray()) is splitting the string into an array using the newline character as the delimiter. This part of the code might be unnecessary because you’re only interested in a single value. It suggests that the code assumes there are multiple lines of text, and it’s trying to split the string into multiple parts based on newline characters. However, it selects only the first part ([0]) as indicated by (0) at the end.
  5. Out_ClientID is a UiPath variable, and the code assigns the extracted value to this variable. The extracted value should be the part of the text found after "Client ID: " and before the first newline character, assuming that "Client ID: " is present in the ClientInformation string.

In summary, this code block in UiPath extracts the value following "Client ID: " in the “ClientInformation” variable and stores it in the “Out_ClientID” variable. However, it’s important to ensure that the “ClientInformation” variable contains the expected format and that "Client ID: " appears in the text as specified for this code to work correctly.

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Hi @Jai_Pande ,

Maybe it is similar to the below Explanantion on Extraction :


  1. ClientInformation.IndexOf("ClientID: ") : This part of the code finds the index (position) of the substring "ClientID: " within the ClientInformation string

  2. Client ID: ".Length : This calculates the length of the string Client ID:

  3. .Split(Environment.NewLine.ToCharArray): This code splits the substring obtained in step 3 into an array of strings using the newline character(s) as the delimiter. Environment.NewLine is a platform-independent way to represent a newline character, and ToCharArray converts it to an array of characters. This means the code will split the substring wherever there is a newline character, creating an array of substrings.

  1. (0): Finally, (0) is used to select the first element (index 0) from the array created in step 4.
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ok i get it but why did we used ToCharArray? like why did we need to have array

Its the REF practice in academy hope you get it


Check out this point @Jai_Pande

@Jai_Pande ,

The Syntax of .Split() method, would require the Delimiter to be a Character array and hence we are converting it to character Array.

Means in this we are treating this as an array of strings? And inside of substring then what did we achieved by using index of, getting a bit confused


indexOf would be set to the position where "ClientID: " starts, and it’s used to extract the ClientID value.

This is a common technique in programming to work with structured or delimited data within text or string data.

ok so by using indexof (client id) we are extracting its value and here client id has 0 index right

one more thing the syntax of subtring is vairable.substring(starting index,length) but here inside substring we didnt used comma


It wil get the Indexof the string count , let say 5 + (It will take the length of the Client ID: ) let say it is 11 = 17

Now->ClientInformation.Substring(17) → It will get all the remaining string after 17th Index

ok like in my example its using subtring to enter the client information details box , then its using index of method to get client id’s index right and then splitting it at new line creating array or strings


Yes @Jai_Pande

Out_ClientID → String Variable type

Out_ClientID = ClientInformation.Substring(ClientInformation.IndexOf(“ClientID: “) + “Client ID: “.Length).Split(Environment.NewLine.ToCharArray)(0)

in this i understood only the Split line before that i am having a bit trouble :frowning:

Out_ClientID = ClientInformation.Substring(ClientInformation.IndexOf(“ClientID: “) + “Client ID: “.Length)

this is what i am facing a bit of conundrum

ok i get it a bit now, we are using “Client ID:”.length to add to the index of “Client ID:”

But when i searched for the index of “Client Name” it returned me 47, is the indexOf returning each character’s index or word?