Can a headless browser submit a file on the server?

I have a modal form that is filled in by folks interestred in buying a home and once its filled in i need to get it loaded to a different form and submitted to the final destination.
I have saved the field data on hard drive and i have a php file of the 2nd form and the php searches and replaces the data in the correct fields when the php file runs and then it auto submits its self…
My question is can a headless browser be used to navigate to the file that has new date in its fields and load that file which will auto submit on load. Can the loading of the form php actually submit the data or must a browser screen be used…
I am also open to a different way if anyone has any ideas…

Hi @govtom

It would help a bit if you could include some hints into how the php file does the submission.

It might be that the best way would be to parse the data in your process and then use the HTTP Request activity from the WebAPI activity package to do the post request with your form data. You might need to rewrite your process a bit, but it might be more efficient.

Then again, knowing more about your particular use case could influence further suggestions :slight_smile:

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