The condition is - I add 15 days to the current date …if the resultant date is in the same month then it will select that date (i.e. 11 June +15 days =26 June) else it will click “>>” button(which is present in the image) and search for that date. (i.e. 26 June +15 days = 11 July)

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You can use the VB expression “Now.AddDays(15).Month” to know the month of your new date. Save it in a variable(say NewMonth). Using “Now.Month” you can know current month and save this to another variable(say currentMonth)

If NewMonth is not equal to CurrentMonth, then
use click activity to click on “>>” button and then click on date
click on date directly

To know resultant date you can use “Now.AddDays(15).Day” and you can save it in another variable(say NewDay). You can use this variable in your selector which is used to click on date. There’s an option to select the date part in your selector, right click and choose variable.

The following error occurs after giving the condition. What is the correct approach to write the condition??

NewMonth <> CurrentMonth

<> is the comparision operator for “not equals to” in VB