Calculate sum, max, min for multiple columns in excel( Issue with studio)

Hi all,
Actually, I have a issue with [studio]. I need to calculate sum,max and min for multiple columns in excel(attached is query which i have posted couple of days back in forum)

Calculate sum,maxi and mini for the multiple columns in excel sheet?RPA Developers

Hi all, I need to calculate sum,maximum and minimum for all the columns in the attached excel sheet. Can you please help me out with this ASAP. [image]

The solution given by them is ok and its working fine but When i’m giving the expression ‘dt.AsEnumerable…’ in assign activity in a normal sequence its working and the ‘.sum’ function is visible but when i invoke the sequence and do the same, ‘.sum(func…’ is not working after i type ‘dt.AsEnumerable.’
This is happening only on my desktop\studio whereas its working in any other desktop.I have tried uninstalling [studio] and re installed. and done workaround as mentioned here : AsEnumerable is not a member of ‘System.Data.Datatable’
but still can’t access ‘.sum’(or ‘.max’ (or) ‘.min’) functions inside the invoked sequence.
Can anyone please look into this issue?
Thank you in advance.


if you have system.linq, system.linq.expressions in your project import section than you are good to go, uninstall/reinstall studio should not be done for only this problem…


Thanks a lot :heart_eyes: @bcorrea That’s working now !!!


@bcorrea Btw do i need to add these imports manually everytime when i deal with invoking sequences? If so what are all the basic and essential imports that are to be in a workflow to avoid such queries in future?

to be honest those ones should be there by default, i know i never did put them in manually in uipath…

Yes, I have opened a new REFramework now and checked if these imports are available by default but no. :disappointed:

there must be some package that when you use it puts them there is guess, or you have old version?

May be but I’m using the latest version of Uipath 19.12.0-beta.61.

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