Calculate Client Security Hash - Upload Assignment Resubmission!

Frustrating assignment please help!!!
My Calculate Client Security Hash - Assignment workflow is running perfect and I followed their walkthrough pdf and created workflow with annotations, proper naming and it executed without any errors.

When I upload the worklfow in the UiPath Academy it keep asking to resummit in few seconds and dono the reason. Its really frustrates me now so I came here for your help.

I have attached my workflow herein and if you can find any issues please help (662.1 KB)

Thanks you all in advance…

Greetings @Shaik_Tharim , If everything is fine then you can drop a mail to uipath so that they can check if something went wrong. I had some issue with academy training so emailed them and got that fixed.


Thanks, @AKM_Robinuzzaman … I have reported to UiPath support and waiting for their answer.

@Shaik_Tharim , if they fix your problem you can mark this post as resolved.


Got this below reply from UiPath Support…

Dear Shaik Tharim,
We regret to inform you that currently we do not have dedicated Developers to do the task.

If you encounter any concerns, may I adivse you to visit the Forum, UiPath users communicate and share their ideas via the Forum around UiPath and UiPath Academy.

Thanks & Regards,
UiPath Academy Support

@Shaik_Tharim , Im afraid in that case, there might be some issue in your workflow. Could you please re check the output file and also the acme portal?

I updated my studio to the latest version and created new REFramework from starch and uploaded again and it is finally cleared.

Previously I downloaded the REFramework template from the GIT Hub as the getcredential.xaml was not available in the studio REframwork template.

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